March 25, 1977

Finished the new "Terrapin" lyrics last week after a good month of 8-12 hour days at the typewriter plus dreaming it when I rested - only to find it possibly won't be required and in any event part of the tune has been changed...well, that's rock & roll. Over 40 versions of one of the lyrics -

The first part was performed as an encore the 3rd night at Winterland last week. Bill Graham told me he had never before seen an audience respond to an unfamiliar tune in such a fashion. They did indeed seem taken with it.

Took my bicycle to Woodside last Tuesday and rode around Alpine Road & Los Trancos Woods all afternoon. Riding every day I can and pulling back into shape slowly but surely.

Much question of what to do next. Acacia blossoms now dingey and Summer is coming early.

Dad by Katie Hunter '93

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