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Marcel DuChamp (www.newNYart.com)

April 30 1969

.....Welcome to the past. Here in the past we experience many exciting things. We get to go see the Airplane & the Dead. Even BE the Airplane & the Dead. Jimi comes over to visit while we're recording Aoxomoxoa . A quiet gentleman. You'd hardly know he was in the room. Ron Wickersham is at his workbench here at Pacific High inventing the first 16 track board for us as fast as he can. "Here's two more tracks." "Thanks, when do we get more?"

....During that long daily drive from Novato to San Mateo, an hour each way, Garcia & I plot our portion of the madness. How to bring to fruition the particular craziness we all invented in Nelson's room at Hamilton Street, earlier at the Chateau, coining words like "trip" & "bummer" "far-out" and "anagraphitical" (which didn't bleed into the lexicon like the others).

.....Just remember, space being curved and "light" merely a concept to indicate something we can only see the barest edge of, it's always 1969 somewhere in the Universe, so why not here?

.....I once dreamed that Nixon, whom I didn't much care for, went for a walk on the beach with me, explained things and gave me a guitar. I was never able to feel as negative toward him as before that dream. But the gray, rainy day he was elected I remember thinking "Now we have our work cut out for us." When Carter got elected, inheriting a Nixon's mess, all I could think to say was "Row, Jimmy, Row..."

.....It's always 1969 somewhere in space/time. Why not here? Knowing what we know now? Yes, but it wouldn't work like that, would it?

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