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April 19, 1996

hi folks. I've been searching the web hard to get nice pictures to make my homepage look swell so you want to come over and over and over. Don't stop! You get two graphics this week for the price of one plus the addresses of the places I stole 'em from. Only fair shake on the net!!!

swiped from www.unitel.net/serfanjo

plus I got some email!!!

Rubber Boy:
< I've had about enuff of your lousy scaning. There are people who do it for a living, you
< know, and you arn't exactly broke, are you? PS: love the graphix but it's a sin to steal
< without permision, even if you give credit. Beleive me. I know. I've never resieved
< cent one for my work. What I said last week still goes. Get off the net, you dork!


here's a link 4U. It's like magic the way they get you from one place to another, don't you think?
[GONE TO TEXAS] . . . . . . .BUT WAIT!!!

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