Blue Moon of Kentucky Keep on shinin'
...Bill Monroe
Father of Bluegrass Music

September 13, 1911 - September 9, 1996

     this update is to commemorate the passing of Bill Monroe
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The only war that matters is
the war against the imagination
...diane diPrima


Susan Mudgett's gators catch the Garcia Band
at Great Woods 9/9/89




Kid's Street Theater Raffle
Win my souped up Harley & help abused kids. A no lose deal!

Late in the evening about sundown
High on the hill and above the town
Uncle Pen Played the fiddle,
Lord how it would ring
You could hear it talk,
You could hear it sing

...Bill Monroe

from "Uncle Pen" written in tribute to his uncle,
who taught him how to do the same thing on mandolin.