The hole in the pocket,
the rip in the sleeve
All of the reasons
we seek to believe
That something must come
of the loss and the pain
Faith may be madness
but doubt is insane

...from the Mystery Box

[Journal 7.10.96]

{Mailbag 7.10.96}

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[The Giant's Harp]

12th installment of the lyric novel.9 to go.
This episode:"Footsteps"
(Gateway to all GH chapters PLUS library of PDF files)

{Craig's Corner}

O'Leary's 32 page file of Furthur Tour developments from rec.music.dead and other newsgroups. Promo this ain't.
Here's what the crowd really thinks. One hell of a file.
Craig has an update about ready to upload.

A Rap Session with BlindMelon

In 1993 Blind Melon came over my house to rap. Some of it was published in Creem. Here's a longer version. PDF file. 27pages.

July 10,1996

.....Wired is wired. Where my laptop goes, the Archive follows.And where the Archive goes, you're welcome to come. Been part of your lives so long,it's only turnabout you become part of mine.
....."Place" is real. England isn't an extension of the U.S.or anything like it. But in changing "place" I realize how real cyberspace is. Connected in the same old way without missing a beat. The mailbag and the journal effect this.
.....I've found a few kindred minds, and a lot of sympatico ones, while doing the Archive. Most hope against hope the Dead won't let them down, want to believe it's not a scam, hope the values endure -- and give us the benefit of the doubt. Truth will out. Stay tuned.
.....No profit to be made on the internet, quiet as it's kept. Thousands of readers? Ha! Hundreds of us here at best, and a migrant population of random surfers. This is for love. There's important stuff to hash out. Maybe your voice makes a difference, maybe it doesn't. But if it does, it's here, in the mailbag.
.....A lot of people think the internet is lunacy, but I've found sanity here. A hunger for communication and the ability to initiate it. Reaching out into the unknown and making it more like a home.


7/11 here's a touch of last night's twilight on the backgrounder for you.

{Visions of the Dead}

a mind movie
(new scenes coming soon)


the 1991 collection
out of print
find out why


The Grateful Gators of Susan Mudgett
invade Hartford Civic 4.3.88
Update very soon indeed.


an ongoing dialogue with Terence McKenna
file #7: 7.12.96

Handwritten Lyrics

Flight of the Marie Helena
[Silver Marbles]
[Cupful of Rain]

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Cupful (26k)


The only war that matters is the war against the imagination

Diane DiPrima

[Northwest to Alaska]

Peter S. Oleson continues his Alaskan adventures. Chapter Five now online. Gateway File.Catch up on PSO now and follow his further adventures at:



A measly 5 bucks (3 FOR $10) buys a chance to win my cherry '91 Harley fxr and help some kids who've had some real rotten breaks. Do it, dammit!!!


Representative earlier home pages.
Most files still online.

See you soon. Updates all week.

Duino Elegies (#6)


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