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[Journal 7.01.96]

{MAILBAG 7.01.96}

{Craig's Corner}

Craig O'Leary's huge 32 page file of Furthur Tour developments from rec.music.gd and other newsgroups. The pros, cons, flames and kudos, plus extensive setlists. Promo this ain't. The people speak. Uncensored and intact. Here's what the crowd really thinks. What works, what doesn't and why. Every point of view imaginable, from those who hate to love it to those who love to hate it and all shades between! One hell of a file!!

all those files you were wondering what happened to, plus the new ones

July 1,1996

Here I am in England. I'm not a vacation taking sort of person, but even I had sense enough to know that splatter time was just around the corner, after the events of the last year, unless I took a serious move to change perspective. I think this will do it for me. Cut down the voltage for awhile.
Server up, sometimes. Mail a manageable trickle. Thanks for that. A small mailbag, a short journal. File updates will be forthcoming over the week. You'll find that several new gateway files make past Archive items more accessible. Didn't seem fair to leave the old files exclusively to index hackers, bless their truncated URL's.
Hope I can share some of my vacation with you, via the journal. Not much happening, really - but that's just the point, innit?


{Visions of the Dead}

a mind movie


the 1991 collection
out of print
find out why


The Grateful Gators of Susan Mudgett
invade Hartford Civic 4.3.88


an ongoing dialogue with Terence McKenna

file 6 now online 7.1.96

[The Giant's Harp]

(Gateway to loads PLUS library of all PDF files) 11th installment of the lyric novel.10 to go. This week:"Sacrifice of Ist"
Soon: "Footsteps"

Handwritten Lyrics

Flight of the Marie Helena

[Silver Marbles]

[Cupful of Rain]
GD Almanac JavaScript vs. courtesy of GDM. 178k.
non-java enabled browsers: cupful (230k)

The only war that matters is the war against the imagination

Diane DiPrima

[Northwest to Alaska]

Peter S. Oleson continues his Alaskan adventures.
In Chapter Four: the education of a moose hunter
- gore drenched reminiscences leading to remorse
and laying down the gun. Oleson's six pieces for
the Archive available on this new gateway file.
Catch up time if PSO is your cup of mud.


A measly 5 bucks (3 FOR $10) buys a chance to win my cherry '91 Harley fxr and help some kids who've had some real rotten breaks. Do it, dammit!!!


Earlier home pages.Most files are still online.

[4th Duino Elegy]

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