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Journal 6.1.96

Plans, hopes, dreams, notes, attitudes, predictions, contradictions, conceptions, confessions, compromises,conclusions & links to earlier conditions. The dream expands, the madness dissolves, the page emerges.

{Visions of the Dead}

Don't open this file if you are offended by normal vernacular
english, childish language or accurate Bill Graham speak.
PDF version in the Giant's Harp section.

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{MAILBAG 6/1/96}



June 7, 1996
Not a major update. Just wanted to let you know that a text only file is available, but you have to fire it up from the opening page, the one with the "China Cat" autograph. An excellent mailbag is accumulating for the June 12th major update. Giant's Harp Chapter 10 now online Mystery Box is released today, after three years of blood, sweat and dreams. Hope you like it.


[The Giant's Harp]

(Gateway to loads PLUS library of all PDF files) 10th installment of the lyric novel. 11 to go. Runes and Riddles. Revelations.

Flight of the Marie Helena

[Silver Marbles]

[Cupful of Rain]

GD Almanac Java version, courtesy of GDM. 178k. Better than the printed version! Netscape only. Without a Java enabled browser, it'll cost you 230k to see:cupful

The only war that matters is the war against the imagination

Diane DiPrima

[Northwest to Alaska Chapter 2]
DeadNet's Alaska Correspondent, Peter S. Oleson, continues his adventures on the Road to Alaska


A measly 5 bucks (3 FOR $10) buys a chance to win my cherry '91 Harley fxr and help some kids who've had some real rotten breaks. Do it, dammit!!!

John Kahn updates 6/4

Craig O'Leary's weekly report from and other newsgroups. Often sassy, generally relevant. This week: tape trader info, net censor flaming, reviews of GD cover recordings,
Dylan, Hornsby, Laguna Seca views and reviews.

True tales of wonder and dread by readers of the Archive.

[A Strange Music] 300k single HTML file of my blank verse journal of the Gulf War.Better you should print up the pdf file.

Earlier home pages.Most files are still online.

[LYRICS] 9k. URL strewn gateway to my 154k teleprompter file, the same one the GD used, with a few notations added. Check this page out for other stuff even if you wisely decide to download the pdf version.As close to a "links" page as this Archive is likely to get.

Louise Jenkins ®Homepage©®

Our gal brushes her teeth with a 'right to life' activist this week.


See you soon. Updates any old time.



Tell me friend, have you noticed of late
How only the strange remain?
I'm talking about the cream of the strange,
Not the merely weird, out of sight, or insane
...from the Mystery Box

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