The gunner we had
was apparently mad
for he sat on the after rail
and fired salutes
with the Captain's boots
in the teeth of the booming gale
...a Capital Ship


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{Visions of the Dead}

that partial Grateful Dead movie script I promised you a couple
of months ago. Please don't open this file if you are offended by
normal cuss words & scatological vocabulary becasue there's
some pretty accurate Bill Graham takes in here. PDF version
in the Giant's Harp section.

most file titles at a glance

{MAILBAG 5/10/96}

The completed file.Mailbox
for this forum now closed.

May 11, 1996

OK, back online with another session of "what is it?" If this week's journal doesn't say it, I guess it can't be said. Much behind the scenes growth on DeadNet this week. Things are coming together fast, but never fast enough for me. New capabilities are being implemented. The purpose is to get you all linked up with one another at one central location which addresses your various requests, be they talking, tape trading or just good old fashioned lurking.

[The Giant's Harp] (9k gateway to loads PLUS
library of all PDF files) seventh
installment of the lyric novel. 14 to go.
Jabajaba of Nikaba enters the picture..

Flight of the Marie Helena

[Silver Marbles]

Cupful of Rain

The only war that matters is the war against the imagination

Diane DiPrima

[CRAIG'S CORNER] Craig O'Leary sends & other newsgroup postings regularly.

[PORTIA PIG] Something for kids by Patricia Platt.

6 to 2 say keep the chili on the page


Brief true tales of wonder and dread. If it makes
the hair on my arm stand up, I'll print it. New tales weekly in this collection of experiences by readers of the Archive.This week John Salmon reports on a weird twist in time.

[rest your eyes] crazy time waster file
[A STRANGE MUSIC] crazy war book

This file becomes interesting. Development of this site in all six editions plus the 3 lead-in pages. Most of the files are still online.

[LYRICS] 9k. URL strewn gateway to my 154k teleprompter file, the same one the GD used, with a few notations added. Check this page out for other stuff even if you wisely decide to download the pdf version.As close to a "links" page as this Archive is likely to get.

{Grandpas Last Buck} DeadNet's Alaska correspondent Peter S. Oleson's keen olofactory memories of his youth.

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[JAAZ #7 FOR for Tim Leary]

raffles off my hog]


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