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There grows a flower in our town
They call the daffodil
And if you do not when you may
You shall not when you will
. . .trad.

[Journal 4.30.96.]

Plans, hopes, complaints, news, dreams, notes, attitudes, maledictions, predictions, afflictions, ejaculations, contradictions, immaculate conceptions, reflections, misdirections, apocryphal confessions & links to earlier journals. The dream flourishes, the madness condenses, the page emerges.

You can legislate for prejudice but you can't legislate against it

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-4th edition -if God had intended us to communicate over the internet we would have been born with email addresses.


Register your opinion on Leary's planned farewell to life via "live" internet for posterity. An email address has been set up, dedicated to your thoughts on the subject. Very interesting file.

April 30, 1996

A week of rapid growth for DeadNet. The idea is to get it up and running,worry about content later. Build the buttons, Jed, just build the buttons.mThe files will come. Those files exist. Eileen Law has kept every letter & clipping the GD ever received. Tapers, hang in there. We're keeping you well in mind. Someone will need to work full time to correllate the mountains of input a taper's section will generate behind one of the now blank buttons on the homepage. Event audio we have. Other audio options are being explored. We're getting plenty of advice from you folks and many generous offers to provide expertise. Those sent c/o me get forwarded to the right parties. Well, they get sent to Vice Webmaster Trist and he does what he does with them. Sends 'em to Tom, Gans, Phil, Frankie, wherever they might do the most good. The first rule of being webmaster is to get everyone else to do the work. I got my hands full with this page. Will be updating this file regularly, adding letters to the Leary file and so forth. Dropping in PDF files once in awhile. Gonna shoot for May 15 for the next major update. Still trying to find a rhythm for doing this page that accomodates a few days away from the screen. Thanks for all the mail - it's the life blood of this website.


[The Giant's Harp] (9k gateway to loads) Fifth installment of the lyric novel. Myth, mystery, monoliths. 16 more weekly chapters follow. Chapter Five: the story focuses on Echo, "Wolf O'The Wild" and the Still Night of the Roughs. Cumulative file.

Flight of the Marie Helena

[Silver Marbles]

Cupful of Rain

The only war that matters is the war against the imagination

Diane DiPrima

[Craig's Corner] Craig O'Leary sends newsgroup postings.
Salty know it all stuff by the International Grateful Dead Flamers Association (IGDFA)

[PORTIA PIG] Something for the kids by Patricia Platt.


Brief true tales of wonder and dread. If it makes
the hair on my arm stand up, I'll print it for sure. Mildly weird? We'll see. New tales weekly in this cumulative collection of true experiences by readers
of the Archive. This week a full body hair lifting supernatural chiller by Charlotte Leopard.


[rest your eyes]

[LYRICS] 9k. URL strewn gateway to my 154k teleprompter file. Check this page out for other stuff even if you decide to download the pdf version.

[Me and Jack] a ribald tale by DeadNet's
Alaska correspondent Peter S. Oleson.

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Ander's tip-the-cow is small-time compared to Louise's latest scan. The worst home page on the net.


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