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get out of the new road
if you can't lend a hand
... Dylan


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April 12,1996 AC

The labyrinth grows, the mailbag flows. What makes a site alive? Same as any organism --Growth, Reproduction, Irritability, Metabolism & Evolution. GRIME.

Once again: check out the Mailbag Site if you don't have time to look at anything else. This week writers URL's & email addresses are hotlinked so you can fire back replies.

As usual, the site is salted with stashes of obscure & unlisted items. Sometimes they change locations. Sometimes they had names but lost them. I'm beginning to lose track of where they are myself. Arf.

With this fourth edition, I realize this is a full time job. This week I'm beginning the process of formatting everything to show reasonably well on webcrawler® & other non-Netscape® browsers. Hence the ubiquitous periods suddenly appearing in the left margin between lines I want double spaced. Just think of them as fly specks and get used to them. It's such a dull and time consuming job, it'll take me weeks, but it's well begun. Poets need line breaks.

"The only war that matters is the war
against the imagination."

Diane DiPrima

In the journal, some thoughts on the writer who matters most at the end of the millenium: Philip K. Dick.

Real football players sometimes wear earrings but would a real cowboy wear a ponytail? Food for serious discussion.

The only war that matters is the war
against the imagination

[The Giant's Harp] (9k gateway to loads) Third installment of the lyric novel. Myth, mystery & monoliths.This week: "Ballad of the Doubly Drowned" -the longest song I've ever written: 18 more weekly chapters follow. Read now or wait & read them all at once. Cumulative file.

[Silver Marbles] 17k. Selection from the trilogy "The Bride of Entropy." An examination of the search for meaning and the mechanics of belief.



The only war that matters is the war
against the imagination

this chili slowed down your load 5 seconds. Bad chili!

[LIBRARY OF THE UNCANNY] The uncanny is what fills you with wonder and dread --makes the hair of your neck stand up, though not of your head... that's terror.

[PORTIA] And to balance the mix, here's a sweet story for kids sent to the Archive by Patricia Platt. You might even like it your own self. I did...

[FRACTURES] 17k. Response to a semiotic criticism of my work, rapidly becoming "netorious."

[DC COMICS ONLINE INTERVIEW] The subject is Dog Moon but the questions are pure G.D. Lightweight and directionless, featuring my fast and acurite tyipng.

[A STRANGE MUSIC] 9k gateway & intro to my historical Magnum Opus. A postmodern Iliad for our time.

[LYRICS] 9k. URL strewn gateway to the 154k lyrics file.

[OLD ARCHIVES] Earlier delinked editions of this homepage.

[GRAPHIXINQUIRY] solicitation of expertise.

[Louise Jenkins Homepage]

Beginning of the baddest homepage on the net! It can only get worse. Louise has just found out you have a scanner and wants to make friends!



See you again next week?


Robert Hunter



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