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ev'ry little thing
gonna be all right
...Bob Marley

April 5,1996 [dc]

Welcome to edition 3 of this ultra-dimensional web novel. With Easter coming, I've been hiding CLL's (circular loop links) in out of the way niches.

Check out the new Mailbag Site if you don't have time to look at anything else. If you find yourself moved to eloquence by the rich voices of the Mailbag, answer them directly. Addresses provided.

[Silver Marbles] 17k. Selection from the trilogy "The Bride of Entropy."

[The Giant's Harp]
(9k gateway to segment loads) second installment of a novel I wrote in 1986. Jam packed with lyric, romance, adventure, thick with myth ... if you like this kind of thing, you're in luck because 19 more chapters follow. Link to Chapter One.

[Fractures] 17k. Response to a semiotic criticism of my work, rapidly becoming "netorious." Clarification of an obscurity regarding Sweet Jane of Truckin' and full exegesis of "Franklin's Tower."

[DC Comics Online Interview] The subject is Dog Moon but the questions are Grateful Dead. Link to a new project inviting writers to participate.

[A Strange Music]9k gateway intro. A modern Iliad? Judge for yourself!

[Lyrics] 9k. Gateway to the hefty 154k lyrics file.

[Old Archives] earlier delinked editions of this homepage.

[Journals] plans, hopes, news, dreams and musings.

[graphixquery] solicitation of expertise.

[majorlinks] 9k. This unvarnished page will get you around the major features of the site without reloading this homepage. Use your backup button to get back to it. I'll link it up next week (yawn).


See you again next week?


Robert Hunter

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