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March 28,1996, D.O.C

Welcome to the second installment of this archive, one brick in the great oftwall of the net and loving it. What kind of week has it been in Dead space?

item: Bob Weir goes off to India tomorrow to strew a box of precious ashes in the Ganges. As he says, "it all eventually goes to the sea."

item: Our own John Barlow, an official of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, represented the side ofinternet inevitability in the Firing Line debate last week and brought a twinkle to William Buckley's eye. Fresh meat or friend? All the proponents of net censorship made approximate idiots of themselves, harping more or less exclusively on the pornography issue as providing sufficient reason to hand control of this extension of the human mind over to the government. Barlow argued that passage of unenforceable law only encourages disrespect for government. The EFF's position favors regulation but not censorship. Both sides agreed that the current law is a bad law. Since laws are only as good as the people who enforce them, we may get it coming and going!

The Battle of Cyberspace is enjoined. We have only our modems and our Macs (or Windows interface) and a war that can never be lost or won. Politicians will continue to cultivate the fears of the lamest common denominator in pursuit of votes. What else is new?

[The Giant's Harp] (17k) begins serialization of a novel I wrote in '86. Packed with lyric, romance, adventure and thick with myth, if you like this kind of thing, you're in luck because 20 more installments are due to follow.

"A Strange Music" is a booklength journal of the Gulf War, faithful to fact, reported in detail, and presented as blank verse. A modern Iliad? Judge for yourself! [Doc.1]85k [Doc.2]68k [Doc.3]77k [Doc.4]77k. Select [Intro]to read the 9k introduction. I'll reformat this book for next week's edition - into something a little easier on the eyes than pica teletype.

[Silver Marbles] 17k. Part of an unpublished trilogy entitled "The Bride of Entropy," eventually to be uploaded in whole.

[Fractures] 17k.
A detailed explication of "Franklin's Tower" in response to a critic's charge of "meaninglessness" in my work. Also clarification of an obscurity regarding Sweet Jane of Truckin'.

[3/22/96] Last week's edition of this homepage.

[info & link to lyrics] 9k. It's a reasonably good idea to read this before downloading the chunky 154k lyrics file.

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