The Sonnets to Orpheus

1993 poetry book
"An American Adventure"
a surreal history of the GD

Journal 10.17.96
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Mailbag 10.17.96

Giant's Harp
Complete lyric
novel. Epilogue
due this week.
All PDF files.
GD lyric print

& screen files


Orfeo Files 9/30
Ongoing Terence McKenna
& Robert Hunter Dialogue

My 1986 translation of
The Duino_Elegies
by Rainer Maria Rilke

Northwest to Alaska
Chapters 1- 10

Kids Street Theater
Last chance to win
my Harley & help
kids in trouble.
Drawing on 10/26.

Echo and Narcissus:John William Waterhouse

The only war that matters
is the war against the imagination
...diane diPrima