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Bob Shelli's Fox 
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Silver Marbles 
The Bride of Entropy
Number and None

Mirror Show (pdf 111k)
Readers of the mailbag will 
recall the letters from "gh"
in which he wrote of plans 
tobe elected King of the World 
through the production of an 
elaborate movie, the foredrawn 
failure of which would set in 
motion the process of his as-
cendency.Here's the screenplay!

Library of the Uncanny

Raggedy Remus

Orfeo Files #13
McKenna-Hunter dialogue 

   The Duino_Elegies  
The Sonnets to Orpheus
by Rainer Maria Rilke 
   my translations
blockprints by Maureen

Northwest to Alaska 
by Peter S. Olesen

Kids Street Theater 
Help Support kids at risk

Mailbags:March-Nov '96

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Updated at last!
Terrapin end verses 

drawing by Maureen Hunter

The only war that matters 
is the war against the 
     ...Diane diPrima