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Who's Who in "The Giant's Harp"

Aeoui : The story teller

Aor: Barber, dentist, surgeon and guide of youth
semi-civilized member of the Rough tribe

Dor: Inn keeper of the Nine Hammers

Echo: Red haired epileptic daughter of Sod

Eliot Brother of Lit and guardian of Lo

Elmo: Son of Ro the astronomer

Gia: Ancient woman who alone appears to know what's going on regarding to the coming of Ist

Isa: The Schula who sings most of the songs in this book

Ist: The demi-goddess whose gradual manifestation is the subject of this book - daughter of the giant Bran and Yu's daughter File.

Jabajaba: A scholar, come to Terrapin to translate the writings of the Giant's Harp

Lit: Father of Lo, who dies near the start of this story

Lo: Black haired, pale daughter of Lit who must go to live with her feeble minded uncle Eliot after her father's death

Po: God of the sea in the legend songs

Ro: Astronomer and father of Elmo

Sod: Wheelwright and widowed father of Echo, carver of the Nine Hammers, best known for the volume of his snoring

Yu: Major god of the old stories, creator of the terrapin

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