Give this file a bit of loading time so the images don't get clipped in two.
I've divided the tour into several folders so you don't burn too much time
getting to the stuff. Once you're loaded, just follow the Manniken below
into the bowels of Seattle and environs.

or maybe you'd rather follow Bill Hurt, like these glamourous Japanese quintuplets

or just wait for a bus . . .

but try to avoid the freeway

A wheelchair will do

Or there's always a Boy Scout if you're afraid to cross the street by yourself


Remember me?

These boys are singin for the Lord

These folks are listening

while the preachers gather in the fold


Meanwhile, back among the strayed lambs


all seeking a vision of a brighter world, the New
Jerusalem rising in the winds of Puget Sound



this concludes the first part of your tour of Seattle.

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