Decided to go out and get a hotdog and a safety pin. I needed the safety pin to tighten my extra large hat because of the stout breezes. Here's what I saw.

Self portrait of a man with a hotdog and a safety pin on his mind.

Man in Tuxedo/shopping bag

hmm - not this one . . .

The Front Page - a reporter hangout

Here we go!

Your hotdog, sir!

Can you tell me where the safety pins are?

Right across from the hair straightener.

Tempting, but who wants to go to a movie on a nice day?

Still hungry after that mini-dog, I'd go for a Reuben on rye ...

Comin' right up - soon as I get off the phone ...

Immediate goals satisfied, I find myself adrift without a plan

which is when the good stuff shows up

photos by R.Hunter, 3/6/97 Wash. D.C. no©