in reading your books I was struck with how closely your DMT experiments
paralleled my own. I wasn't surprised by the confirmation, as you might
guess. I considered myself a serious DMT explorer between 1967-69. I
stopped only because I was told to, in no uncertain terms, by the Boss of that
place. Three times, in fact, to my dismay. Disobedience was costly. I was
informed that I'd been shown all that was mine to know, to use that, and not
try to extract more. I've written of the classes and varieties of DMT
experience in a chapter of my journal, memoirs, and will send it along at
some point. The experiences were commanding and altered my grasp of
reality. DMT invokes the various dimensions of its domain through pathways
characterized by brisk rhythms.

Robert Hunter

Greetings Bob--
I was interested in what you had to say about being an explorer of the DMT
world until the management told you to stay away. I have heard several
tales of psychonauts toking DMT and then seeming to break into a place
where they were not only unwelcome but also unexpected. One person in
particular, a composer, was literally thrown back to the beginning of time by
an astonished and irritated Jabba the Hutt type who he surprised at its
meditations. I have never been told that I am not welcome but I find that it
is harder and harder to get up the raw courage necessary to make the trip. It
is almost as though a secret hides in and behind the DMT state and that
secret is both real and so unexpected that it would leave nothing of reality
intact. The secret cannot be told of course, or I would have told it. But it is
something like: We are all gods, with the knowledge of gods, we are all
omniscient, except for the fact that we are so damn stupid. It is interesting
that you were told "Use what you have been shown, don't seek for more." It
uses us, some of us, to transfer information into the world, but with very
little concern for what we, the carriers of that information, think about it. It
is a kind of hyperspatial muse. We become carriers of some force we don't
understand, bearers of the Logos I would say, other see us as the Typhoid
Mary's of meme pathology. But left unanswered in all of this is the question
why. Why does the alien presence intrude in DMT, why does it appear as it
does? Is that how it wishes to appear? Why? etc. etc.

I enjoy the idea of a slow moving dialog, I hope this can continue.

Best, T