I've been to sea in a cupful of rain
On a boat that fell out of the blue
Paddled for life with the blade of a knife
In a wind reminiscent of you

Danced in the dark on the head of a pin
With a sackful of bones in my arms
Found nothing more than I knew to begin
God bless you and keep you from harm

The tent has been folded and stowed on the train
The circus rolls off in the night
Only the marks of its passing remain
In the chill of the cold morning light

A drop in the bucket, a coal in the fire
A cupful of rain in the sea
A rose in the mire, a voice in the choir,
What else would you want it to be?

Sing your song with the whole of your heart
Believe what you need to get by
It's only ideas that keep us apart
On these boats that fell out of the sky